Kurt Sales

Director, Immunoassay


Dr Kurt Sales has over 20 years of experience in a career spanning research and development, research management and business development in the UK and South Africa. At Agilex Biolabs, Kurt is responsible for management and oversight of the Agilex Biolabs Immunoassay division.

Kurt has extensive expertise in pre-clinical and clinical assay development, cellular and molecular biology, molecular signaling, flow cytometry, cell-based models and biomarkers, notably in the areas of inflammation and immunology. He also has extensive experience ensuring strict GLP compliance for bioanalytical assays and preclinical safety testing through PK/PD/Biomarker assays.

Widely published with 45 peer-reviewed scientific papers in high impact journals, a book chapter and presentations at over 30 conferences, Kurt also received the prestigious Society for Reproduction and Fertility New Investigator Award.

Kurt has a Ph.D. in Medical Biochemistry, a Masters in Biochemistry, and Bachelors of Science in Medicine with Honours in Pharmacology and a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Physiology. He has a Diploma in Business Organisation and Management and a Post Graduate Certificate in Management.

Tim Meyers

Scientific Study Manager, Immunoassay


Tim has 27 years of experience in biotechnology and immunoassay with extensive expertise in pharmacokinetic, immunogenicity and biomarker immunoassays for GLP and clinical studies.

At Agilex Biolabs, Tim is responsible for the oversight of the validation and implementation of pharmacokinetic, biomarker and immunogenicity immunoassays under GLP regulations to support preclinical and clinical studies. With a Bachelor of Science with Honours in biological sciences, Tim has held several key Bioanalytical roles in pharmaceutical companies in the UK. He has 7 peer-reviewed scientific papers in high impact journals and has presented at conferences worldwide.

Tim’s area of interest is clinical sample analysis, particularly PK. He takes pride in being the first to know whether a Biotherapeutic drug is working following its PK analysis. Tim’s drive is to accelerate therapeutic drugs to market to improve patients’ lives.

Agata Michalak

Research and Development Manager, Immunoassay


Agata has over 10 years of experience in immunoassay and has specialised expertise in assay development in a highly regulated environment.

At Agilex Biolabs, she is responsible for all aspects of assay development and the development team with a main focus on PK, ADA and biomarkers methods. She has over 15 years of work experience in bioanalysis roles in companies across the UK, with significant experience in developing bioanalysis methods, immunoassay analysis and method development and animal health analysis.

With a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Science degree in Biotechnology, Agata enjoys designing experiments and working on streamlining the assay development process.

Daniel Michalak

Laboratory Operations Manager, Immunoassay


Daniel has 12 years of experience in the field of immunochemistry working in contract research organisation and industry roles industry in the UK to support of GLP and GCP studies. He has specialised expertise in project and laboratory management in a regulatory environment.

At Agilex Biolabs, Daniel is responsible for leading operations and managing resources within the immunoassay laboratory in compliance with management and quality processes. Daniel has a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Science in Fisheries and Water protection.

He is passionate about change management in a regulated laboratory environment and meeting his client’s needs with the highest level of scientific integrity.

Alison Cooper

Study Director, Immunoassay


Alison has 10 years of experience in immunoassay bioanalysis in both contract research organisations and pharmaceutical companies in the UK. She has specialist expertise in the management of clinical and preclinical GCP/GLP bioanalysis studies.

At Agilex Biolabs, Alison is responsible for managing pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and immunogenicity validation and sample analysis studies under GLP and GCP regulations for support of preclinical and clinical release studies.

Alison has a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Biomedical Sciences.

Alison is a project manager at heart and enjoys working with clients to deliver high quality data. She takes particular pride in her data analysis and report writing skills.

She particularly enjoys the more complex analysis projects and since joining Agilex, giving her the opportunity to learn and challenge herself.

Tom Midgley

Study Director, Immunoassay


Tom has 9 years of experience in bioanalysis roles, with extensive experience across the pharmaceutical industry in contract research organisations and pharmaceutical companies in the UK. He has particular expertise in the development and validation of pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamics and anti-drug antibody immunoassays.

At Agilex Biolabs, Tom is responsible the management and regulatory compliance for clinical (GCP) and pre-clinical (GLP) bioanalysis studies and ensuring that the needs of clients’ projects are met. Tom is also responsible for the development of PK, PD and ADA immunoassay methods, typically utilising immunoassay and ELISA platforms.

With a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Medical and Molecular Microbiology, Tom is a keen scientist and enjoys working with new technology and optimising processes in the lab. He particularly enjoys the analysis of complex data and the application of statistics to answer challenging questions and arrive at robust and accurate conclusions.

Amrita Basu

Study Director, Immunoassay


Amrita Basu has worked in the field of large bio-molecules for 10 years and has expertise in study directing and process improvements in bioanalytical analysis. She has extensive experience in development, optimisation and validation of Ligand Binding Assays (LBA) and anti-drug antibody (ADA) assays for biological and large molecules.

At Agilex Biolabs, Amrita is responsible for the following compliance with OECD GLP regulations, guidelines and SOPs, project and client management, sample processing and report writing. Amrita has a Bachelor of Science and a Masters in Science in Biochemistry.

Amrita is passionate about exceeding her client’s expectations and implementing world-class practices to gain more business. Her prime focus is always on quality and timely delivery of work for her clients.

Emeline Larondeau

Method Development Scientist, Immunoassay


Emeline has worked in the field of immunology and has 4 years of specialised expertise in pharmacokinetic and biomarker assays. She has extensive experience in studied human immune responses using a variety of assays.

At Agilex Biolabs, she is responsible for developing and validating immunoassays under GLP regulations for support of preclinical and clinical release studies. Emeline has a Bachelors degree in Biology, Physics and Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Biotechnology.

A keen problem solver, Emeline is passionate about meeting bioanalytical changes and delivering quality data.

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