Agilex Biolabs, the Australian specialist bioanalytical and toxicology laboratory facilities for clinical trials is partnering with Endpoints News to share the latest on “Non-clinical and clinical pathways for rapid vaccine development in Australia”, in a webinar hosted by Endpoints News Editor Arsalan Arif.
Hi, everyone. I'm Arsalan Arif, the publisher of Endpoints News, and I'm pleased to be your moderator today. Today's webinar is sponsored by Agilex Biolabs in Australia. Our topic is Why Australia is the World's Leading Early Phase Destination - Rapid Start-up, No IND Required, and a Government-Backed Refund on Almost Half of all Trial Costs. I'm joined by two great guests today. Kurt Sales, the Director of Immunoassay at Agilex Biolabs, and Jane Kelly, the CEO of CMAX Clinical Research.
Gathering together the key clinical service providers for a trial can be a daunting process – especially if you are going off-shore to reactivate trials or start new trials to make up for COVID delays.

However, Australia offers a refreshingly streamlined process because of its group of proven top-tier providers that regularly work together so are fully engaged and in sync with processes and each other’s requirements and capabilities. This makes setting up trials in Australia a smooth, professional, and rapid process for biotechs. This webinar looks at how moving trials to Australia could be much easier than you think.
One of the most important drug development start-up decisions is finding a centrally located bioanalytical laboratory that can support clinical research across all the study locations, and through pre-clinical then potentially for all Phases.

Quality control and consistency of sample management and analysis from early Phase onwards can make a real difference to quality of data and final outcomes.