Agilex Biolabs Announces New Pharmacodynamics Services at J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference and Biotech Showcase

San Francisco, CA – Award-winning Agilex Biolabs, the Asia-Pacific region’s leading bioanalytical laboratory based in Australia, announced a raft of new pharmacodynamics services for biotech and pharma clients conducting preclinical and clinical trials in Asia, US, EU and Australia.

Agilex Biolabs CEO Jason Valentine made the announcement at J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference and the Biotech Showcase this week.

The additional pharmacodynamics services are in new labs at the Agilex Biolabs facility in Australia.

The services include immunobiology services using the latest state-of-the-art technology to support immunology, cell biology and mode of action assays, including:

·           Immunophenotyping

  •       Receptor occupancy

·           Cytokine release assays (whole blood or PBMC stimulation assays) and

           cytokine/biomarker profiling

  •       PBMC assays and cellular mechanism of action assays (eg: ADCC)

Agilex Biolabs, the only FDA-inspected lab of its type in the Asia-Pacific, offers bioanalysis for small molecules and biologics for PK, immunogenicity and biomarkers utilising the two platforms of LC-MS/MS (7) and Immunoassay (MesoScale, Gyrolab).

제이슨 발렌타인 CEO는 이렇게 말했습니다:

“Our FDA-inspected facilities have more than 60 dedicated laboratory staff, and annually support more than 80 clinical trials. This year we will analyse more than 60,000 samples for pharma/biotechs from US, Europe and APAC.”

"전문 지식, 기술 혁신, 20년간의 실적을 결합하여 전 세계에서 수백 건의 전임상 및 임상시험을 지원했습니다."

He said compliance is key to the Agilex Biolabs success.

"당사의 세계적 수준의 바이오 분석 시설은 호주 정부의 OECD GLP 준수 모니터링 기관인 NATA의 OECD GLP 인증과 ISO 17025 인증을 획득하여 세계적으로 인정받고 있습니다."

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