Agilex Biolabs, the Australian specialist bioanalytical and toxicology laboratory facilities for clinical trials is partnering with Endpoints News to share the latest on “Non-clinical and clinical pathways for rapid vaccine development in Australia”, in a webinar hosted by Endpoints News Editor Arsalan Arif.
Agilex Biolabs, Australia’s largest and most technologically advanced regulated bioanalytical laboratory for clinical trials is showcasing its new $1.5m vaccine and immunobiology laboratory at BIO Asia Taiwan 2021. The facility, the most sophisticated in APAC, is designed for biotechs and pharma from around the world for advanced clinical research including RNA vaccines, siRNA/miRNA clinical targets and gene therapy studies.

Over the past 2 years, Agilex Biolabs has invested more than $3.5m in technology and systems at the APAC headquarters in Adelaide.
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