Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver bioanalytical excellence.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality results, every time, for every project.

By combining specialised expertise, technological innovation and a 20-year track record, we have supported hundreds of preclinical and clinical trials around the world.



Our Values

​Agilex Biolabs is built upon four core values that drive our performance:

  • ​Scientific excellence and technological innovation
  • Customer focus
  • Data integrity and quality assurance
  • Timeliness/speed

Scientific excellence and technological innovation

We know that scientific experts and world-class technology go hand in hand for successful bioanalysis. Our specialised expertise allows us to focus on delivering scientific excellence for virtually any molecule and for every project.
Our senior management and scientific staff are internationally recognised, highly experienced scientific bioanalytical experts with decades of experience. We boast world-class platform technologies and have globally-recognised OECD GLP and ISO 17025 Accreditation bioanalytical facilities.

Customer Focus

We pride ourselves on delivering customer service excellence. Our expert scientific staff identify and tailor the best assay methodology to meet the unique clinical and regulatory needs for each project, every time.

Data integrity and Quality Assurance

​We offer clients the highest levels of regulatory compliance and maintain a proven quality management system that underpins everything we do.

Our team of highly experienced scientific and Quality Assurance professionals deliver world-leading science, proven data integrity, and specialised regulatory expertise to support pre-clinical and clinical studies. We provide comprehensive GLP services to many of the top global pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Timeliness / speed

​As recognised leaders in bioanalytical excellence, we understand the need for rapid, accurate results when bringing new drugs to market. We pride ourselves on delivering quality results, every time, for every project.

Our History

Agilex Biolabs was founded from CPR Pharma Services. What began as a group of academic scientists providing clinical trial and bioanalytical services to the local Australian pharmaceutical industry in the 1980’s has grown into a business with a global client base.

In our 20 years of performing regulated bioanalysis of small and large molecules, we have accelerated hundreds of preclinical and clinical trials around the world.

Today, our clients include many of the leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in Asia, Europe and the USA.

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