“We greatly value our long-standing partnership with Agilex Biolabs who continue to be a partner of choice for Bionomics and have supported the development of BNC210 from the beginning for Social Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, and anxiety disorders. We look forward to continuing this partnership into the future.”

Vice President Clinical Development for Small Pharma

“We have been working with Agilex Biolabs for more than four years, our relationship has evolved very well, and we understand each other’s needs. And despite the geographic differences, I think we’ve had a very productive collaboration with Agilex Biolabs.”

Partner & Chief Scientific Officer at Biotechnology Research

“We are located in San Francisco Bay Area so there is a time zone difference, so when we want to communicate live that’s our afternoon and their morning. We are used to operating that way and it’s never hard to find a time to talk …there is quite the advantage for us with us ending our day and Australia starting their day in terms of ability to generate information and respond quickly… so I don’t see it as a drawback it’s an advantage.”

Senior Director DMPK at Emerging Biotech

“We were happy with the R&D team of Agilex Biolabs who have assisted on our ADA Method development study. They could help lower the sensitivity on an experiment further than given limit. Due to this further reduction of background, higher S/N ratio could be achieved, that gave us possibility to expend the detection windows even further. We are extremely pleased to work with your professional team.”

Project Manager at China Biotech

“We greatly appreciate Agilex Biolabs’ effort, expertise, and the quality of the assay. We are very happy to proceed this method to the validation stage now.”

CSO at China Biopharma

“We are very happy with the analytical method developed by the R&D team of Agilex Biolabs. We are pleased to move forward with the validation work and start the preparation for method validation protocol and are excited for this collaborative partnership to continue in the future.”

Clinical Test Manager from an innovative vaccine Biotech