An Interview with Your Senior Business Development Manager, Amilia Wee

by Holly Stefl, Chief Commercial Officer

It is with much enthusiasm that Agilex Biolabs introduces its newest Senior Development Manager, Amilia Wee. Amilia has been with Agilex for over two years, first as a proposal writer, and then as a Business Development Manager most recently. With such a wealth of knowledge and experience, we couldn’t be more delighted to have Amilia stepping into her newest role as Senior Development Manager to provide informed and individualized value exactly where it is needed most.

Amilia has spent a great deal of time in the scientific field, coming to us originally from a 10-year-long career as a research scientist in the blood cancer research industry. After the completion of that time, Amilia decided to expand her career by joining Agilex Biolabs (originally as a proposal writer) before being promoted to a business development manager just after 6 months of joining the company. Amilia continued to excel in this position as well by prioritizing customer engagement and collaboration toward their development goals and pipeline processes.

As our Senior Development manager,  Amilia will continue her close work with clients and lead a small team to manage a vast area of clientele including but not limited to clients operating in Singapore, China, India, Taiwan, and South Korea. Prioritizing collaboration and meeting the individualized needs of each customer her team comes in contact with, we do not doubt that Amilia will continue to exceed expectations and improve the customer experience.

In a recent interview about her newest promotion, Amilia discussed how her past positions have prepared her for this recent promotion, how she hopes to positively impact clients and the company, and her high hopes for Agilex Biolabs as a company as well as its effect on the current and future market.

What led you to a career in science?

I have always found myself sincerely curious about how things work. My first work experience in a pathology lab inspired me to go into blood cancer research. Unlike other tissues, blood is fluid which makes blood cancers so complex and hard to treat. Following this path sourced in curiosity and the desire to understand led me through a decade-long portion of my career in blood cancer research that helped prepare me for my work with Agilex.

What motivated you in your recent role as Business Development Manager?

Being in research allowed me to meet other innovators and scientists who shared amazing stories of their work. Their stories and passion motivated me to complete a Master’s degree in Business, opening me up professionally to work with companies dedicated to developing new therapies to treat diseases with unmet needs. Knowing that I am part of supporting their development program and making a genuine impact on their outcomes is what drives me forward.

What changes have you seen take place in the industry, and how have you found these changes to affect the decision-making process?

Compared to a few years ago, companies are more willing to collaborate and help each other rather than remaining separate based on their region. This feels important, and it creates a supportive environment that will help everyone grow in the industry. On a larger scale, this will eventually help patients who will benefit from new and more advanced therapies.

What made you drawn to working with Agilex Biolabs?

Agilex is well known for its reputation in terms of both quality and excellence. From daily interactions with the scientific and operational teams, I can see their dedication and professionalism in supporting our clients’ developmental programs every single step of the way.