Announcing the lodgment of the patent, VGI Health Technology Limited’s Dr Glenn Tong, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director said in their media release:

“This is another big step forward for VTL’s patent estate. Our existing family of patents for the transmucosal delivery of tocotrienols has registered patents in all major global markets including the United States, Canada, Europe (including the United Kingdom), Japan, China and Australia and this new patent application will help strengthen our intellectual property rights internationally.”

Dr Glenn Tong

Dr Tong thanked the team of for their efforts in assisting them to lodge the PCT patent application. 

“I have used Agilex Biolabs for cGLP bioanalytical analysis since 2015 and recently engaged Agilex to include the development of cGLP assays for detection of plasma concentration of drugs.  The team at Agilex are highly skilled at what they do, their response to the client’s needs is swift and thorough, and the quality of the work product is exceptional.  I continue to use Agilex for all my bioanalytical needs, both exploratory work and cGLP analysis for generating data for regulatory and ethics dossiers as well as registered IP rights like patents.  Currently, I have three projects running with Agilex and all have proceeded according to my very high expectations and the data produced is of a very high quality.  I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Agilex to anyone looking for a high-quality bioanalytical outfit”

Dr Glenn Tong

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