Our Quality Assurance

Agilex Biolabs is committed to the highest levels of regulatory compliance and a Quality program that is integral to our performance.

Our highly experienced Quality Assurance team deliver our core values of data integrity, regulatory compliance and customer focus, to support scientific excellence.

When you partner with Agilex Biolabs, your project will be delivered by the experts on time and with the highest quality results.

Agilex Biolabs Quality program

Quality is integral to all of our studies and processes. Our stand-alone Quality Assurance team independently monitors laboratory compliance by performing internal audits of systems and external vendors according to planned annual schedules.

Audits are performed on every study, from the method validation phase to routine sample analysis, to ensure strict compliance with SOPs that are built on GLP processes and are applied to both pre-clinical and clinical sample analysis, as well as validation projects. We provide a quality statement for each final report to indicate the audits conducted.

 The following project stages are subject to QA audit:

  • Plan review
  • In process audit
  • Data audit
  • Bioanalytical Report audit

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