Learn how Agilex Can Make Your PK Data SPARCL

Come to Our EBF Session in Barcelona to Hear how Agilex Can Make Your PK Data SPARCL

SPARCL stands for Spatial Proximity Analyte Reagent Complex Luminescence, which (as you can see) is quite a mouthful, so the industry has shortened it to SPARCL. SPARCL is a new variation on an immunoassay that functions as a in solution homogenous format due to its Horse Radish Peroxidase and Acridan labels.

At the upcoming EBF conference Agilex will show case how SPARCL compares to traditional and gold standard bioanalytical platforms, the MSD and Gyrolab. Agilex will be presenting within the critical reagent subtheme, and its important to note, that within the case studies the same critical reagents were used across all 3 analytical platforms.

Who will most benefit from this presentation? 

Bioanalytical scientists and Bioanalytical operational management will most benefit from attending this presentation in Barcelona. They will be most interested in the throughput and SPARCL s short run time. Really, it’s about operational efficiency gained with this technology. For the bioanalytical scientists it’s a nice case study across three technologies that they should have awareness of, and it’s just extra tools in the belt for designing assays for clients or for in their own labs. 

Most of the interest of this presentation is in the comparative data. This presentation is to entice people to hear about something new, and how it compares to the existing.

Use this link to reach out directly to our presenters prior to the show and schedule a time in Barcelona to discuss how SPARCL technology might be able to help you and your team on your drug development projects.

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