State-of-the art Immunobiology service

Agilex offers a state-of-the art Immunobiology service to enable sponsors to evaluate the full functional and immunological effects of their drug.

Our custom-built BD FACSymphony A3, 20 colour flow cytometer has five lazer capacity to enable multi-colour flow cytometry for receptor occupancy assays, immunophenotyping, functional assays and intracellular signalling using the latest dyes.

Mode of action assays using PBMCs, whole blood or commercially available/licenced cell lines enable us to fully evaluate the biological effects of a drug or its immunogenic capacity.

  • BD FACSymphony A3 20 colour flow cytometer
  • Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) immunogenicity platform
  • SpectraMax Plate Reader
  • Luminex Magpix ™
  • Gyrolab xPlore
  • ddPCR / qPCR

With secure access, our bioanalytical facilities have a vendor assured offsite archive facility with 24-hour security monitoring systems with generator-backed continuous power and on and off-site disaster proof storage capabilities. Our platforms have UPS and generator backup with full preventative maintenance and vendor support contracts to maintain continuous operation and minimise downtime.

Our assays are validated to the latest FDA/EMA bioanalytical guidances and study data reported to each client’s desired format.

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