An Introduction to Your New Senior Business Development Director, Mallory Jolly

Agilex is pleased to introduce Mallory Jolly as our new Senior Business Development Director to the East Coast of the United States.

Bringing with her a wealth of experience and a passion for scientific breakthroughs, Mallory Jolly’s career trajectory reflects both personal dedication and a promising future of developing mutually rewarding international business relationships in the biopharma space.

Mallory’s Diverse Background, but Singular Focus

Mallory’s professional journey reflects a personal commitment to scientific advancement and contributing to future medical breakthroughs. Armed with a degree in biology and chemistry from UNC Chapel Hill, she initially embarked on a path in clinical research.

Mallory’s interest quickly settled on delving into the intricacies of investigational drug development. Her roles at prestigious institutions such as UNC Hospital and Wake Forest University’s Neurology Department equipped her with invaluable insights into the pharmaceutical landscape.

Mallory’s tenure at a prominent U.S.-based CRO prior to joining Agilex provided her with comprehensive knowledge of the bioanalytical CRO industry. Her responsibilities there underscored her understanding of global trends and client needs. It was this experience that ultimately culminated in her transition to Agilex Biolabs.

A Passion for Impactful Science

One character trait that differentiates Mallory is her intrinsic motivation to make a difference through science.

Her journey from considering a career in medicine to spearheading drug development initiatives underscores an unwavering commitment to serving humanity through innovative healthcare solutions.

Mallory’s immediately obvious enthusiasm for contributing to groundbreaking therapies and medical advancements resonates deeply with Agilex Biolabs’ ethos of driving positive change through scientific excellence.

Navigating Industry Dynamics

As geographical barriers blurred and virtual collaboration became the norm, businesses, including Agilex Biolabs, embraced transformative strategies to adapt to the evolving landscape. Mallory’s insights into the changing decision-making processes within the industry underscore the pivotal role of track records and capabilities in fostering meaningful partnerships.

Nowadays, according to Mallory, considerations of geography are nearly non-existent.

What companies operating in this niche care about more than anything else is capabilities, expertise, and cost. When ongoing collaboration and feedback are no further away than the nearest WiFi connection, exploring drug development opportunities with other CROs just makes sense.

And that’s precisely where Mallory fits in so well within the upward, promising trajectory of Agilex Biolabs itself.

A Vision for the Future

Mallory’s decision to join Agilex Biolabs was motivated by its unwavering commitment to innovation and its impressive track record in bioanalytical toxicology. With recent milestones like the strategic partnership with SGS and the expansion of global solutions, Agilex Biolabs is poised for a trajectory of unparalleled growth and success.

Mallory’s presence in the U.S. further strengthens Agilex Biolabs’ outreach efforts, facilitating meaningful engagements with clients across the East Coast. Based outside Philadelphia, Mallory is eager to meet with U.S. companies face-to-face. She looks forward to fostering deeper levels of understanding that don’t always come through via teleconference.

Mallory Jolly’s integration into Agilex Biolabs’ ecosystem epitomizes the convergence of expertise, passion, and vision. As Agilex Biolabs continues its journey of innovation and expansion, Mallory coming on board promises to propel our organization to new heights, fostering transformative partnerships and driving impactful scientific endeavors.

Reach Out to Agilex Today

Mallory is eager to offer U.S.-based businesses an initial consultation. Current and prospective clients are encouraged to find out how simple it’s become to do business with a CRO operating on the other side of the planet. Many pleasant surprises are awaiting your inquiry.