Meet the Agilex team: a Video Interview with Cameron Smith

We took some time to sit down and talk with Cameron so you could get to know him a bit better…

My name is Cameron Smith. I’m the Chief Business Development Officer here at Agilex Biolabs. I support and lead a team of six business development professionals across Australia, Asia Pacific, and USA.

Cameron Smith, Chief Business Officer, Agilex Biolabs

What is Your Story Prior to Joining Agilex?

I’ve been in the contract research industry for over 14 years with some of the world’s largest contract research organizations and supported clients across the world in the USA, Europe and Asia.

What Brought You to Agilex?

I relocated to Australia – not for a job – but for my beautiful partner, Lauren. When I arrived in Australia, Agilex was already well known both domestically and internationally as a quality CRO. It was their services, their story, and eventually the people that ultimately drew me to Agilex.

What is the Best Thing About Working at Agilex?

Definitely the team. Regardless of the department – toxicology, immunobiology, flow cytometry – they all have a really high technical skill. Combine that with a warm and welcoming nature, and it makes them great in front of our clients. It’s one of the reasons why we have such a high customer return rate.

What New Developments are You Most Excited About?

Certainly the most exciting thing is the new partnership that we’ve just signed with international bioanalysis provider, SGS. This will offer our clients an international bioanalytical solution, post-phase 1. It will allow them to start moving their bioanalytical methods around the world.

What are Your Thoughts on Australia as a Location for Drug Development?

The Australian drug development environment is like no other that I’ve ever worked in before. The financial incentives that are on offer to both locally and international clients makes it some of the most attractive in the world.

Who Should be Talking with Agilex?

Regardless of where you are in the drug development process, Agilex has services that we can help with. The move into the preclinical toxicology space was a real game changer for Agilex and for our clients. It means they can transition their drug development down to Australia earlier than ever before.

We can gain knowledge on your test article and your bioanalytical method to make it a smooth transition into clinical PK/PD – and now with the SGS partnership, it means we can support the later phase clinical trials too.

To learn more about conducting your drug development program in Australia or about Agilex Biolabs, contact our experts today.