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Biomarker assays for all your drug development needs

Agilex Biolabs is a recognised leader in bioanalytical excellence. Our clients partner with us to navigate the complexities of bringing new drugs to market.

We identify the best assay methodology to meet the clinical and regulatory needs for each project, for each client.

When you partner with us, we can support your drug development with either our existing Biomarker menu or develop and validate a suitable assay for your particular requirements.

Our biomarker menu includes 20 Bioanalytical assays for compounds from small molecules to high molecular weight peptides.

With 20 years of experience, your project will be delivered by the experts and with the highest quality results.

Biomarker Menu

Search our ever-growing menu of biomarker assays, including more than 300 validated assays.

Validated fit for purpose assays

Compound ClassCompound (-metabolite)Species & MatrixLLOQ LevelLLOQ unitsTechnique
Angiotensin peptidesAngiotensin Ihuman plasma10pg/mlLC/MS/MS
Angiotensin II5pg/ml
Androgen steroidsTestosteronehuman serum0.1ng/mlLC/MS/MS
CorticosteroidsTotal Cortisolhuman urine2ngmlLC/MS/MS
(enzyme hydrolysis)Total Cortisone2ngml
Total Tetrahydrocortisone40ngml
Total 5alpha Tetrahydrocortisol40ngml
Total 5beta Tetrahydrocortisol40ngml
ProteinsVEGFhuman serum31.3pg/mlELISA
Complement AP50human plasman/aColorimetric
KIM-1/TIM-1/HAVCRhuman urine0.156ng/mlELISA
FGF-2human serum10pg/mlELISA
IL-8human plasma0.5pg/mlMSD U-plex
FGF-19human plasma15.6pg/mlELISA
IL-6Rahuman serum15.6pg/mlELISA

Exploratory assays

Compound ClassCompound (-metabolite)Species & MatrixLLOQ LevelLLOQ unitsTechnique
Sugar3-O-methylglucosehuman plasma2ug/ml
ProteinsMMP-3human serum0.156ng/mlELISA
CTX-IIhuman serum, plasma, urine0.156ng/mlELISA
ADAMTS5human serum0.156ng/mlELISA
alphaCTXhuman urine93.8pg/mlELISA
TIMP-1human serum0.156ng/mlELISA
Androgen steroidsTestosteronehuman serum0.05ng/mLLC/MS/MS
A4 - Androstenedione 0.05ng/mL
DHEA - Dehydroepiandrosterone2.5ng/mL
Estrogen steroidsE1 - Estronehuman serum1ng/mLLC/MS/MS
E2 - Estradiol1ng/mL
E3 - Estriol1ng/mL
E4 - Estetrol1ng/mL
Metabolism peptideMotilinhuman serum20pg/mlLC/MS/MS
CatecholaminesNorepinephrinehuman plasma0.1ng/mlLC/MS/MS
Dihydroxyphenylethylene glycol (DHPG)0.1ng/ml

LC-MS/MS Bioanalysis

Immunoassay Bioanalysis


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