The World’s First Bioanalytics Client Portal Launched

Agilex Biolabs, the leading APAC biolabs for biotech clinical trials, announced today the launch of a Client Portal named GALEXI™.

The Agilex Biolabs technology team, with its Microsoft partner, accelerated the launch of GALEXI™ to deliver secure and enhanced communications during continued COVID challenges globally. 

GALEXI™ delivers real-time study management and transparency across timezones so international clients can access information exactly when they need it.

GALEXI™ client portal is the first of its type for a major bioanalytics company.

The highly secure Portal is currently in final live testing with a number of US clients and will be rolled out in January and offered to all clients.

Agilex Biolabs CEO Jason Valentine said:
“This is just another way we are adapting to the international COVID-19 environment to support our clients.

Australian clinical trials have remained open for business and Agilex Biolabs is a designated essential service so clients can be assured of study continuity.

Australia has led the world in keeping COVID-19 numbers down to almost zero by acting swiftly to minor outbreaks.”

Agilex Biolabs, which has a 24-year track-record, is known internationally for its continued investment in the latest technology, and for attracting some of the leading scientists from Australia and around the world.