Weird and Wonderful Case Studies: Real World Solutions for Unexpected Bioanalytical Challenges

About this webinar:

Are you facing unsolvable bioanalytical issues with your existing provider that is impacting your nonclinical or clinical PK/PD study setup? Is there a lack of communication and support with your current CRO?

Weird happens. More often than you expect. Rescue studies are a particular point of strength at Agilex Biolabs, where the bioanalytical experts are driven to solve challenges presented by what we call “the weird and wonderful”.

Sometimes studies go awry, but through shared experience you can avoid suffering the same pitfalls that others have already experienced. Pharmacokinetic (PK) and Pharmacodynamic (PD) data are critical to non-clinical and clinical safety studies, dose escalation and decision making. Delays in assay setup and ongoing bioanalytical challenges during the study can severely impact drug development timelines. When a study needs rescuing, it is critical to choose the appropriate intervention that will get your assay back on track. Having a partner that understands how to troubleshoot bioanalysis issues is critical for success.