Agilex 生物实验室近 30 年的小分子药物开发历程

Agilex has offered our clients small molecule solutions that lead to their success.

Agilex Biolabs is celebrating its 29th year as a bioanalytical laboratory, with small molecule bioanalytical services that have extended and evolved across these 3 decades. With almost 30 years of experience with novel chemical entity, regulated bioanalysis, covering a variety of different types of molecules from normal chemical entities to sugars, enantiomers, peptides, oligonucleotides, and metabolites. In addition, we have conducted several chiral projects (where the molecule is handed, so it either has a left or right-handed face) to support drug development programs.

Our laboratory in Adelaide is the only FDA-inspected laboratory of its type in Australia. We conduct on average around about 130 novel projects every year, and these projects cover a variety of different matrices

The Experience Agilex Biolabs has Gained over Nearly 3 Decades

The most common matrices we tend to work with are plasma and urine, but equally, Agilex has extensive experience in rare matrices (including ocular fluid), feces, cerebrospinal fluid, and many more to support drug development programs in central nervous system projects, ophthalmology, hematology, oncology, infectious disease, dermatology, and gastroenterology.

Our scientists really have an extensive in-depth experience in being able to solve the complex chemical problems associated with detecting the molecules in these rare matrices, as well as being able to develop and design really sensitive assays. Our fleet of mass spectrometers – of which there are 17 – are all state-of-the-art equipment that enables us to not only detect molecules and metabolites with within these matrices, but the scale of our operations also enables us to offer a 3 day turnaround of QC data for single escalation dose studies and 4 day turnaround for multiple-dose study programs.

Attention to Detail Where and When it Matters for Your Small Molecule Project

Our scientific excellence and attention to detail with projects and ability to identify where we need to add various stabilizers or  additives to ensure that the molecule is intact and stable upon collection and for receipt for when we actually conduct the bioanalytical procedure is somewhat unique within our space. Combined with our nearly 3 decades of experience working with really novel drugs, using methods that we’re developing often from scratch for our sponsors, also really sets Agilex apart. And finally what makes us unique – given the scale of our operations – being able to hit a really fast turnaround on top of the quality of our data

These characteristics allow CROs to expedite their program so that day-dosing can occur almost weekly for these programs where the need is to move them to the clinic fast. This of course plays into the general advantages of doing work in Australia, the first of which is all about the speed. The quality from Australia is second to none, and naturally the 43 a half percent cash rebate, which sponsors can tap into serves as a very nice a cherry on top.

Who should talk to Agilex today about their small molecule projects?

Really any small-to-medium biotech organization that is either in their pre-IND phase, or are ready to go into IND, and are now ready to conduct their GLP toxicology should meet with us. We can support those molecules right away, as well as the clinical phase of the life cycle, which gives us familiarity with the molecule and enables us to be a bit more efficient with how we set the assays up for them.

Whether a sponsor that is thinking of coming to Australia where either Agilex can support the toxicology program or they have a provider that’s conducting their in-life, we can support their bioanalysis, and we can likely get to it right away.

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