All right. Hi everybody. I’m Arsalan Arif, the publisher of Endpoints News and I’m pleased to be your moderator today. Today’s webinar is sponsored by Agilex Biolabs in Australia and our topic is the Australian Advantage, de-risk your early phase trials. I’m joined by Dr Kurt Sales today with Agilex Biolabs. He’s got an approximately 20 minute presentation and we’re going to follow it up with a quick Q&A. And now I give you Dr Kurt Sales.
The reality is, Australia has fantastic key opinion leaders, some great principal investigators that have been running clinical trials for decades. The CROs, RFA with FDA and EMA requirements. And in fact, our whole Australian service provision industry sets itself to that standard because ultimately that is the client base that Australia is servicing. Most CROs in Australia and service providers will be able to talk about situations where their data has been presented to the FDA or EMA with success.