Agilex 生物实验室是您值得信赖的神经科学试验合作伙伴

For 3 decades, Agilex has supported biotech companies with CNS-targeted medicines.

For almost 3 decades, Agilex Biolabs has supported Biotech companies at the cutting edge of precision medicines targeting pathways in the central nervous system (CNS) associated with neurodegeneration.

Our customers, Biotech’s and Pharma companies alike, leverage our expertise in immunology and bioanalysis to accelerate their neuroscience drug development programs. Being the largest bioanalytical laboratory with almost 30 years’ experience and global reach, Agilex Biolabs has become the trusted partner for neuroscience trials.

Our specialist team of scientists have developed and validated novel LC-MS/MS assays to detect the pharmacokinetics of small molecule novel chemical entity drugs and oligonucleotide therapeutics designed to protect neurons from damage or degradation, or correct dysregulated pathways, to ultimately slow the progression of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, or provide neuroprotection after traumatic brain injury or stroke.

Over the past decade novel strategies have come to the fore, both physical and chemical, to overcome the challenges for molecules traversing the blood brain barrier, to accelerate the use of novel biological therapeutics for CNS disorders. Agilex Biolabs has extensive experience in developing and validating novel ligand binding assays to detect the pharmacokinetics of these biologics in a variety of matrices. Our expertise in immunogenicity has enabled us to address the issues associated with drug tolerance for biologic clinical trials where high drug levels are present and anti-drug antibodies may prevail and impact the efficacy or interpretation of the pharmacokinetic data. Our scientists have extensive experience in the areas of immunobiology, designing flow cytometry panels to enable the investigation of immunological effects of drugs; droplet digital PCR to detect changes in gene expression levels and levels of mRNA in clinical samples; and establishment and characterization of custom biomarker assays to measure efficacy of treatment or modulation of pathways, such as neurofilament light (NFL), in the CNS associated with the therapeutic.

 In addition to targeted novel synthesized therapeutics designed to directly correct an imbalance within the CNS or protect against degradation by modulating either cell surface receptors or pathways within the CNS, natural products such as psylocibin and cannabinoids have recently shown promise for neurodegenerative conditions. Although much research needs to be done on the molecular and cellular pathways mediating the role these substances in CNS, there is significant evidence to suggest that they have a neuro-immunomodulatory affect by reducing the levels of proinflammatory biomarkers. Agilex has fully validated psylocibin and cannabinoid assays, ready to be deployed on clinical samples with minimal startup enabling us to complete the picture for clients within the CNS space in rapid time.

Agilex can support all your preclinical to late phase bioanalytical needs for your drug development program for small and large molecules, oligonucleotide therapeutics and natural product applications such as psychedelics and cannabinoids. Contact us today to find out more about how we can support your program.

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